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Farming for us started out of necessity, we needed to know that what our children were eating was the best food possible. We purchased the farm when we had our first child, doing both at the same time is not something we would recommend. But now we have a beautiful family and a beautiful farm that feeds many families the nutritionally dense food that is so important to health and well being. 


We take the best from several agricultural practices, looking at whole systems thinking by stacking complimentary enterprises to best manage the whole, from Alan Savouries work on Holistic Management and planned grazing, to David Holmgren and Bill Mollison's work on permaculture all the way back to Masanobu Fukuoka's work on natural farming.

They all have the same insight, SOIL. Healthy soil is key to healthy food and healthy food is key to healthy people. We can help nature restore biodiversity and sequester carbon through careful management and keeping animals moving across the landscape as they have done for millennia.

We grow our veg in 'No Dig' beds pioneered in this country by Charles Dowding and expanded upon by Richard Perkins in Sweden. By laying down tons of compost directly on top of the soil we imitate an accelerated version of nature where the soil is building from the top in the form of decomposed organic matter and by doing this we eliminate invasive weeds and mitigate soil born disease so prevalent in tilled soil. Not tilling has the added benefit of keeping the mycorrhizal fungi intact allowing the exchange of nutrients from soil to plant that is not possible when fungi is not present.


We aim to be the leading Regenerative Agriculture farm in Kent producing the best food possible whilst repairing the land and building a thriving community around us.

We have also taken on the challenge of creating space in our farm to empower others to learn Agriculture without the need to invest in land and equipment needed until they are sure the farmers life is for them.

We believe in certification from you, our customers. By opening our farm up to the public you can see that we have no nasty chemicals hanging around. You will see exactly how we look after our animals and how we grow our crops giving you reassurance that our produce is of the very highest standards.

We have chosen not to be Organically certified, though we respect the Organic organisations greatly and we use them to certify our feed so you can be assured our chickens are getting, in our opinion, the best feed money can buy. 

Available Produce from Rosewood Acres 2021

2021 is a huge year for us, will be selling:

  • Eggs - from hens raised on pasture
  • Veg & Salad Box - 'no-dig' and chemical free
  • Chicken - raised on pasture
  • Lamb - grass fed
  • And more

Also on our farm:

'The Flower Farm Denstroude' 

  • Cut Flowers - 'no-dig'
  • Pick Your Own Flowers - 'no-dig'

Farm Tours, Eco-Camping, & Experiences

Our hope is to offer tours on the weekends to show you our farming methods. We are proud to show you our farm and how we work the land to benefit the ecology whilst creating, simply, the best farm food going.




Sam Burch - Managing partner, Co owner

Leanne Davison -  Co owner & Eco Camping Manager

Tom Burton - Partner, Poultry Manager, Logistics Manager

Harrhy James - Partner, Market Garden Manager