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A big part of what we look to do at Rosewood Acres is the inform, inspire and educate people about the importance of good food, no great food, food that nourishes you and excites your taste buds! We have been growing and producing this for a few years now, feeding many happy folks, we feel now is the time to share our knowledge with you lovely people.


We are looking to run a range of workshops on all aspects of food production in a regenerative way, growing vegetables in a no dig garden, from seeding to planting to harvesting and preserving, we are also looking at how to prepare  and cook all what you grow and produce and how to compost your waste. We will also be running workshops on practical farm skills from tractors and chainsaws to farm plumbing and polly tunnel erection and no dig bed formation. 

If you think you may be interested please fill in our questionnaire here 


Workshop short list: 

  • Seeding and potting on
  • No dig gardening
  • Tomato growing and processing
  • Composting (basic)
  • Composting (intermediate)
  • Composting with worms
  • Hügelkultur
  • Food preservation & fermentation
  • Cooking skills
  • Cider making
  • Animal husbandry for smallholders
  • Practical farm skills for smallholders
  • Chickens for eggs on pasture (mobile)
  • Chickens for meat on pasture (mobile)

Further details and timings to be confirmed. 




Seeding and potting on (grow-your-own veg box!)

Learn the basics of sowing seed so you can confidently tend young plants and produce strong, healthy transplants that will thrive in your own plot. In this workshop we will cover how to store, sow and look after plants at this crucial stage in their life cycle. We will also cover common problems and what you can do about them. You will get to practice by sowing your own tray of vegetables to take home with you. Taught in the market garden nursery, please bring appropriate outdoor clothing. Tea, coffee and pizza will be provided!


Tomato growing and processing

Tomatoes are often considered a great plant for beginners but there are many simple tips and tricks out there to getting the juiciest, most prolific yields. In this workshop we will cover ‘lower and lean’ growing in an indoor setting (polytunnel or greenhouse), how to deal with side shoots as well as when/if to ‘top out’ and knowing the difference between determinate and indeterminate, when to prune and how to water correctly plus lots of useful nuggets of information to help you get the most of your tomatoes. Afterwards, we will head to the kitchens to learn how to prepare tomato sauces, salsas and chutneys from the harvest!


No Dig veg growing

Here you will learn all about how to set up your own no dig veg garden, everything from how to lay the beds to amendments to seasonal up keep as well as the pros and cons of cover crops and resting them through the winter. We use simple hand tools on the farm, each have a technique to the to get the most out of your plot. We will also cover harvest and storage of your well earned produce.




Food preservation & fermentation

Pickles, lacto-fermenting or simply making salsa from excess tomatoes - there are hundreds of ways to preserve food from your garden. In this workshop you will learn one of the following: lacto fermentation, pickling, chutney-making, and how to make different pestos among others! Depending on what’s in season in the market gardens at Rosewood Acres, you will get a chance to make your own carrot and cabbage sauerkraut or maybe a hot chilli sauce! A fun day for all ages, this workshop will be taught in conjunction with guests from another local maker of fine food.


Cooking skills

On these workshops we will be getting in local talent to explore their knowledge of cooking in a particular style, from delicious Asian stir fries to traditional English food, from amazing barbecue to ancient cooking methods, all going beyond the simple cooking we all know and love


Cider making

In the autumn we will be have a a mini cider festival, where you can come learn how to make your own and sample some local cider, everything from how to use a scratter to different types of presses, how to test specific gravity to know how strong you have made it, we will also go into how to make your cider into vinegar and how to distill it down onto something a little stronger.





Composting with worms

Vermicomposting is an accelerated type of composting that produces extremely rich compost with the help of special species of worms. Typically, worms are added to a suitable container and fed vegetable scraps and other food or garden waste. In this workshop you will learn how to make a simple vermicomposting ecosystem using an old bathtub, though can be scaled down to suit the about of scraps you produce, as well as how to harvest the end product and make your own highly effective liquid fertiliser, AKA worm juice. Suitable for enthusiastic gardeners and allotment societies, please bring appropriate clothing. 


Composting (basic)

Composting is the natural decomposition of organic matter. The finished product of this process, compost, is often referred to by gardeners as ‘black gold’ for its numerous benefits to soil and garden life. In this workshop we will go over the basics of composting, including different techniques that are easily replicable at home and in your own garden as well as common problems and what to do about them. An easygoing afternoon for all ages, we will provide refreshments and pizza. Please bring appropriate clothing, you will be handling soil life!


Composting (intermediate)

This workshop covers one of two advanced composting techniques that can be used to produce very high quality compost. It is aimed at the serious gardener, professional market gardeners as well as those wishing to dig a little deeper into composting. The first, the Berkeley hot composting method, can produce a rich compost in under 28 days, and reach temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius, enough to knock out pathogens and weed seeds. The second, the Johnson-Su bioreactor, is a fungal-dominated pile built using ventilation pipes, which takes 9-12 months to mature but is widely regarded as producing the best quality compost from comparative trials. Please bring appropriate clothing for gardening and a notebook - this one goes into some soil science! You will learn about fungi:bacteria and carbon:nitrogen ratios, as well as how to build, maintain and monitor you pile.


A Hügelkultur is a type of no-dig raised bed made of decaying wood and other garden debris. An ancient concept originating from Germany, Hügelkultur beds slowly release nutrients, hold incredible amounts of moisture and increase available space in small gardens. In this workshop you will learn how to build your own Hüglekultur in the no-dig market garden at Rosewood Acres. A fun, informative and very hands on day, please bring appropriate clothing for gardening.




Animal husbandry for smallholders

Get hands on experience with sheep, alpacas and chickens, learn how to put ear tags in trim feet, dagg out, and knot ice the early signs of illness or stress. Also go into how and when to move animals in a mob grazing setup. We will go into electric fencing, mobile watered and mobile shade.

Practical farm skills for small holders

Buying land and starting a small farm or small holding can be very daunting if you don’t come from a farming back ground, on this workshop you will gain knowledge and experience on all aspects of land management, like what all the leavers do on a tractor and how a topper works (though the sheep should do most of that) how to use a chainsaw safely, what battery powered tool do i need for what? How do i plumb in water lines? What is the best way to install a fence and how do you repair a broken one? How to reverse a trailer? Etc….. there is a lot to it for sure but with a little guidance from us you may not be qualified to go contracting but you will have a lot more faith in your own abilities and also know when to get a contractor in and what to ask them to do. At the lunch break we will discuss more of the planning and regulations you may need to be aware of.

Tree planting 

The world needs more trees, so why not gain the knowledge of how to plant your own, we will go over various techniques and tools on how to plant a tree, also how to start seed and take cuttings and graft onto new trees, so you can take that lovely apple from you neighbours tree and graft it onto your existing one or on some new root stock.

Eggs from hens raised on pasture

learn all about keeping chickens for egg production, based on pioneering farmer, Joel Salatin’s work and also the perfections made on his system by Richard Perkins, along with our own developments with in this field. Gain knowledge on everything from how and when to move them within an electric fence set up to how to collect, sort pack and label your eggs for sale, this course is perfect for any body looking manage chickens in a regenerative way from 20 to 350 birds we can also go into the pros and cons of doing more,  those with less than 20 birds will still have a lot to take away as we will go over what to look out for in terms of illness or discomfort and also three different types of mobile coops.