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Why choose Rosewood Acres pasture raised chicken?

  • Daily Pasture Movement: Our chickens enjoy daily shifts across vibrant pastures. This guarantees diverse natural feed options—from bugs to seeds—and ensures they aren't confined in waste. The result? Healthier and more flavourful poultry.

  • Premium Feed Blend: We nourish our birds with a premium mix of organic feed and heritage grains sourced locally. This superior diet translates to top-tier chicken for your table.

  • From Hatch to Harvest: Every chicken starts in our nurturing brooding shed from day one. With optimal care, clean bedding, and fresh water, they thrive. After a happy life on pasture, our on-site processing ensures minimal stress, respecting the contribution each bird makes to our ecosystem.

  • Integrated Pasture Rotation: Harnessing nature's patterns, our sheep and alpacas manage the grass, while our chickens trail behind, sanitizing and feasting on bugs. This waste-free, cyclical system continuously enriches our soil and bolsters ecosystem resilience—mimicking nature at its finest.


How to Order?

Order online by selecting from the various chicken items below.
Orders over £100 can be delivered locally within a 5 mile radius.
Collections from farm for smaller orders.
We will be available for farm collections from 9am to 7pm every day until Sat 14th Oct.
Our chickens are seasonal and so after 14th Oct we will only be selling frozen stock and will have fresh chicken available again in March 2024.
Pickup location:
Rosewood Acres, Denstroude Lane, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9LA
(Google maps will bring you straight here)
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sam 07557 749 375.

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