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Pasture-raised chicken eggs

At Rosewood Acres we aim to produce the best egg possible. Not only do we feed our hens the best feed possible, we also move them regularly to a fresh paddock in our custom designed 'egg mobiles', so they have a constant supply of fresh flora and fauna. We ensure you receive only the best by hand collecting and inspecting each and every egg that makes its way to your plate.

Pouched eggs


Why buy our pasture-raised eggs?

Tasty & nutritious - regular movement means the hens' organic feed is supplemented by plants and insects, creating tastier nutrient-dense eggs.

Ethical - regular movement also gives our chickens a better life outside on pasture and avoids diseases common to free-range/barn and caged chicken systems.

Regenerative - The hens' own manure and movement helps to build-up our top soil, improving nutrient and water cycling, whilst boosting biodiversity. The chickens follow our herbivores in the field; this movement pattern mimics nature. For more info see our Q&A below.




Our feed from the Humphries Feeds is :

  • Organic
  • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) free
  • By royal appointment
  • Medication Free



Being part of a community

By buying our eggs you will benefit the local community that surrounds this thriving small mixed farm.

We are proud of how we farm and what we produce. We will be running weekend tours and events throughout the year (This is subject to fast changing rules on Covid-19).

The chickens are managed by Tom. If you have any questions please feel free to contact him on

A range of other produce will also be available for pickup alongside the eggs, including our Veg Box and (fresh/frozen) chickens (coming soon).


For retailers

If you are a retailer interested in stocking our eggs please contact Tom Burton at



Eggs on subscription?

Payment will be by monthly standing order at the beginning of the month. For more details see our Terms & Conditions.

Are we certified Organic?

We use organic standards as a guideline - organic with a lower case 'o'- and often go further. Our focus on soil management is what sets us apart.

We believe in customer-certification for small farms; if you want to see how we farm, come on one of our tours! Organic certification can be prohibitively expensive for small farms and is more appropriate for larger farms. 

How much should good food cost?

Farming environmentally produces healthier soil, food, and humans but involves higher costs. Our prices are necessary to pay a living wage, cover costs, and remain competitive with other small farms. Our farm will publish transparent financial reports annually.

Why are pasture raised eggs "regenerative"?

The movement of our chickens to new pasture every few days has several huge ecosystem benefits that free-range and caged systems do not. It helps build top soil through readily absorbed manure loading and scarification, leading to improved nutrient and water cycling, while boosting biodiversity.

It also reduces parasites which run on a cycle of a few days. Our chickens mimic nature by following herbivores, eating the insects in their manure (potential pests) and spread out the herbivore's manure.