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 What is it? 

Our weekly Veg Boxes either as a one off or on subscription run from June until the November. Each box will include fresh seasonal veg and salad which will change each week. 

 Why buy our box? 

  • Tasty and fresh - the majority of our produce is harvested, chilled, and sold on the same day. Our seasonal rotation combines familiar favourites with the occasional exotic variety.
  • Local - all produce is grown in our market garden.
  • Environmentally friendly - we use 'high-tech' hand tools and avoid tractors, chemicals, and pesticides. Our 'no-dig' technique nurtures healthy soil and produce. For more see our Q&A below.
  • Being part of a community - by buying our produce you will join a local community surrounding a thriving small mixed farm.
  • Other produce - we also sell eggs, chicken, and other produce.

We are proud of how we farm and what we produce and will be running weekend tours and events throughout the year.

The market garden is managed by Harrhy. He joined us from Germany with years of market garden experience. Any questions please feel free to contact him on: harrhy@rosewoodacres.farm

*This is subject to fast changing rules on Covid.

Prices & Sizes

Box types.                       Price (£) Includes (Average)                
Medium               8.00                   


6 portions


Large 12.00              


10 portions



Pickup & Delivery

 Where? When? Cost?
Rosewood Acres Sat 9am to 1pm.  Free

Q & A 

What is “no-dig” growing and why is it so important?

'No-dig' leaves the soil undisturbed. Unbroken soil structures nurture organic matter such as bacterial and mycelial networks. This helps drainage and aeration and mimics natural patterns.


How do I pay for my Veg Box?

Payment can be taken when you collect by cash or card or by monthly standing order at the beginning of the month. For more details see our terms and conditions or send us an email.


Are you Organic?

We use Organic standards as a guideline - we are organic with a lower case o - and strive to go further. We take soil management more seriously than is needed for organic certification.

We believe in customer-certification for small farms; if you want to see how we farm, come on one of our tours! Organic certification is expensive for small farms, and is more appropriate for larger farms that cannot have a direct connection with their customers. 


How much should good food cost?

Farming environmentally produces healthier soils, food, and humans, but has some higher costs. Our prices are needed to earn a living wage, cover costs, and remain competitive. Our farm will publish transparent financial reports annually.


How do you grow vegetables 'regeneratively'?

Annual vegetable farming in high rotation, even in a 'no-dig' set up, requires high quantities of compost and inputs. Our system is sustainable which is the most you can ask for.

The aim of our farm is to introduce more perennials and less annuals.  Perennials do not have to be replanted every year. We will place a stronger emphasis on tree crops like nuts and fruits combined with pasture.